The Worst Advice our Mothers gave us

As Mother’s Day inches closer – this Sunday 14th May – it is time to reflect on the contribution our mothers have made to us. I thought I’d ask some fellow founders, to share what was the worst advice (or blatant lies) you’ve ever received from your Mum? My own mother told a few: “don’t make a face like that – if the wind changes you will be left with it”. She always told me she ‘loved’ the paintings and drawings that I gave her and that they were precious for life… and that one day I might be a great artist. There were other great insights that only a mother has – she told me when I was 18 “you have been given the gift of language – you can either use it for good or for evil – but you must choose”. And the other thing she said is that I was in charge of my own destiny – and that “a man was not a plan”…

Janine Allis – Founder of Boost Juice, Retail Zoo and fellow Shark

My mum told me that she would send me away etiquette school if I did not use my table manners, clearly there was no such school. She also told me that if I was not a virgin when I married then no one would want to marry me (true story). When I got a second hand bike for Christmas it had a damaged seat, when I asked mum about this she told me that Santa damaged it when he dragged it down the chimney.

Janine Allis – Founder of Boost Juice, Retail Zoo and fellow Shark

Carolyn Cresswell – Founder of Carman’s Finefoods

My Mum is such an inspiration as she milks ever drop out of life and is always having so much fun. I am sure she has told me many a white lie over the years! I love giving her RedBalloon vouchers as gifts so we can do fun thing together. Last Mothers Day it was for a walking Street Art Tour which we both adored. This year (shhh) it is for a Melbourne City Dumpling walking tour which sounds brilliant. She is my inspiration for a life well lived and I only hope I can be enjoying the journey as much as she is at 74!

Carolyn Cresswell – Founder of Carman’s Finefoods

Emma Isaacs – Founder/Global CEO, Business Chicks

My mum lied about childbirth. We had a tradition in our family growing up – every year on our birthdays my mum would tell us the stories of me and my siblings’ births. They’d be dramatic renditions, full of angst and detail about the ‘amount of stitches’ and the ‘chronic pain’ endured. Of course we’d all laugh at the time, but as the years passed I started to get more and more fearful about childbirth, to the point of thinking ‘that’s it, I just won’t have children because I cannot see myself going through that.’ When I got married and fell pregnant I knew I had to change my mindset. Being a highly-driven alpha personality who sets goals and doesn’t waver until they’re achieved, I applied myself to the case of mastering childbirth. Since then, I’ve had four natural births at home in our living room with no stitches and no chronic pain (and am expecting my fifth baby this August!) – it’s safe to say I conquered my fears and achieved my goals because I changed my mindset. My mum has given me so much and is the most selfless, generous, kind person you’re likely to meet, but she lied about the possibility of birthing beautifully. I still love you mum, happy Mother’s Day!

Founder/Global CEO, Business Chicks

Enjoy this video too – we are definitely not alone when it comes to the stories our Mum’s told us.
PS of course remember that RedBalloon may well have the answer for you

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