I was sitting quietly at my desk….

I was sitting quietly at my desk last Wednesday… going through some emails, being intentional about getting back to people as soon as I can when I get an email from Pip Marlow – Microsoft Australia Managing Director. I don’t know Pip so it was unusual to hear from her. With interest I read the […]

Internships part of a rounded education

As we head into the new tertiary year – with thousands of young people starting at Universities – as employers we sit and wait – hoping that they will come out well rounded individuals ready to face the work world. Internships are a great way to get undergraduates ready for the world of work. News […]

Disconnected by FOMO

Many people experience FOMO that is the ‘fear of missing out’. What I mean by this is people fear that someone is having more fun or a better time than they are, in that moment. As a result many people are struggling to be present  or truly experience where they actually are. I hosted a […]

Four Lessons I learned from tough bosses

It’s hard to be engaged and love your job when you believe that your boss is a nightmare or you’re stuck in the middle of a toxic workplace. The biggest mistake I made was going to work everyday feeling scared, fearful, and as a result not being prepared to try new things, take risks – […]

The great untapped tool to drive growth

If you were given the ‘secret sauce’ – one thing to do right now to drive growth in your business… would you do it? Is growth a goal for you? Is it just an idea, or is it core to your existence? Does it excite you? Here is the irony – I get asked weekly, […]

Seven things people desire at work

      I started a business more than a decade ago based on ‘giving people good-times.’ Since then I have researched and read many books about happiness, well-being and what it is to be human. In essence I have been seeking the answer to the question ‘What is it that drives us?’ And I […]

The way work really happens

A colleague called me from a bus this morning to tell me she’d be unable to make an 8.30am meeting because the “traffic was at a standstill”. The fact she had left her home – a mere 19 kilometers from the office – at 6.30am that morning still did not guarantee she’d get to work […]

Where I do my best work – Anywhere

The only thing that is constant in my life is being on the move.   I was asked by LinkedIn to share ‘where and how’ I work… Maybe this request was inspired by Marissa Mayers demand for the Yahoo employees to stop telecommuting and come to the office. [I think she may well have been […]

Four thoughts on creativity

Over the years I have had many people say to me “what a fantastic idea RedBalloon is..” often followed by the statement “I was going to do something like that” or “I wish I’d thought of it.” Ideas and creativity are critical to the success of any venture. I was in Utah last week at […]

Creativity creates the competitive edge

With Christmas rushing headlong towards us – last years innovations are now in full swing at RedBalloon. As we get, bigger, older and more established the last thing we want to do is forget what made us the award winning, innovative business that we are. One thing I do know is that innovation can come […]

Naomi Simson travel experiences

Two Steps towards Success

  Now before I even start  talking about ‘success’ let’s define it. Everyone has a different definition of success. In fact I think success is like the notion of beauty – it is in the eye of the beholder. To some it is wealth to others it is a state of contentment. When I was […]

What do you do with ‘odd’ emails – hit delete?

I get some interesting emails. What would you do with this one? That arrived at 7.51am one morning. Perhaps the best thing I should have done was ignore it. “Read Otto Weininger’s ”Sex and Character”, you might learn something. Second rate people, like women, have no place in politics or business. ”I find more bitter […]