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No one intends to crash and burn


  As the new book ‘Ready to Soar’ begins to arrive in book stores I reflect on why I dedicated hours and hours to putting down on paper what is in my brain. The experience of nearly 30 years of being in, or working with small business has given me not just vast knowledge but battle scars. People ask me regularly “I’ve got a business idea, what should I do next?” – and quite frankly the answer to that question…

Coming up this week 26th April 2016


Finally after the long wait Ready to Soar – my new book – will begin to appear in book shops. After congratulating the women finalists of the Barnardos NSW Mother of the Year I was in full swing last week producing a podcast with Dymocks, preparing for Simpatico (in mid July – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane – with Reese Witherspoon’s first Australian appearance). And I had great fun presenting at the Oracle Modern Marketing Meetup.             Coming…

Coming up this week 11th April 2016

As I boarded a flight back to Sydney again this morning, I thought to myself…boy… I was in and out of the Gold Coast and Melbourne last week busy waving the RedBalloon flag at speaking engagements for Allianz, Siemens and Leading Property Managers of Australia (and who could forget B-School – pictured below working on #IdeaNation), I hardly saw these places while sharing the RedBalloon customer experience story. Often I go from car to airport to car to event without…

Shark Tank vs Bondi Rescue All Star Family Fued

Join us Monday 11 April at 7.30 on Channel 10. The Sharks play for the  Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation…. shame I get so tongue tied… The Research Foundation has been doing it’s work for the last 10 years – and this is what has been achieved so far:

The Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting a Business

This is an excerpt from my new, soon to be released, book Ready to Soar. Perhaps you have an idea or a vision for a business, or you simply want to be your own boss. You want to be an ‘entrepreneur’, lead a business, create something truly worthwhile and valuable. You want to make the world a better place. In fact the five biggest reasons why people think they want to start a business are: I want to do what I…

Coming up this week 4th April 2016


  Did you wake up on this Monday morning full of excitement, filled with purpose, and powered by positivity – set to work on the ‘One Thing’? Is it that you perhaps feel a little exhausted after the weekend? Perhaps you spent the weekend racing around trying to get ‘everything done’ such as attend every event you were invited to, meeting all the friends you haven’t seen in yonks or catching up on reading, or emails and work you did…

Coming up this week 29th March 2016

More of this!

It’s coming up to five years since I left the post as CEO of RedBalloon - not being involved with the detail allows me as a non-executive director to bring different ‘experiences’ or insights to the board table. However, my passion has in no way diminished – I remain committed to great workplaces – I have seen first hand the difference it makes to the success of many businesses when the team is aligned.  This week in particular is all about stepping…

Coming up this week 14 March 2016

The question I am asked a lot is “what do you do now that you are not the CEO of RedBalloon?” Whilst life is busy, it is not chaotic – it is purposeful. Last Monday I visited Barnardos Australia’s Auburn Centre. It enables families in crisis to get the help they need all in the one place – an extended family if you wish. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Centre Manager, Mary Haiek. She has worked directly with…

New Book Cover released – Ready to Soar (May 2016)

Ready to Soar_COVER

Turn you brilliant idea into a business you love. (2016) In Store May 2016 I’m very pleased that all the hard work over the last number of months is coming to fruition…. I had locked myself away, put my head down, and answered the question I get asked the most. Okay so it might take 86,000 words to do so… the ‘question’ has so many implications – to do it justice I had to look at it from many angles….

My Other Big Gig… Parenting Teenagers


Witnessing young people emerge into adulthood is a great privilege. Watching them discover what is important to them, their values – what they believe in, their aspirations – is a wonderful experience. My role as a parent has changed from ‘boundary rider’ to coach and adviser as my children have grown. I know that my university student children are very much on their own journey. Yet, I also know that it is up to me to introduce them to concepts and…