The Power of Appreciation

Yesterday I was asked to speak spontaneously to the RedBallooners at our company wide meeting. As I stood in front of what appeared like a massive group of people…. I felt a wave of deep gratitude. Not just for those who were present – but all the past team members too. I thanked all of […]

Naomi Simson travel

The Key To Success Is Practice

As we move into 2014 it is very much a time to reflect, review and create. I’ve never been big on New Years resolutions – but I do always take the time to create a plan. My partner and I also create a theme for the year. This year we have chosen ‘Simplicity’. As a […]

What you look for is what you find!

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new car – you notice all the cars that are similar, yet before you had one – you did not see them. They were always there – simply your mind was not attuned to them. Does this work for other things? – Of course! As we […]

Naomi Simson early years teenager

Four Lessons for my Younger Self

I remember my parents trying to impart wisdom upon my younger self – and my busy little brain was saying something like: “Yeah, yeah, sure, whatever.” And now when I do the same with my teenagers, I think I can hear inside their heads muttering the same thing. So at the risk that no one […]

When Scepticism becomes Cynicism.

I’m a very positive person, but sometimes I think that the positive outlook could be viewed as naive. I’d hate to think that I’m gullible. I was reading a column by Richard Glover in which he explores the idea that we have become a population of cynics. Have we really begun to see a conspiracy […]