Do you never seem to have any cash?

As I walked through the city last week between appointments, I noticed the Big Issue being sold by a regular face that I have seen many times. (The Big Issue is celebrating 20 years of helping people help themselves. It is a social enterprise that supports the homeless and disadvantaged by having them be the […]

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It does not hurt any less if you close your eyes

Sometimes life presents us with rare gems, people who are put in our path, that with a few quite words speak so loudly to what you need to hear in that moment. This week my great friends at Saxtons hosted a few of their speakers at an ‘open house’ for the event industry. And I […]

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The words conscious and capitalism collide

It has been reported on more than one occasion that putting the words conscious and capitalism together would make an oxymoron. Yet what it really is, is announcement of the new order of what is possible, productive and profitable for businesses. “Imagine a business that is born out of a dream about how the world […]

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When was the last time you said thank you?

Anyone who has met me or listened to me at a speaking event knows I’m a passionate person. For example, I’m passionate about giving people opportunities to share good times with those that matter to them: this is the passion that drives RedBalloon. I’ve said before how much of an honour it is to be […]

The search for meaning at work…

I’d worked in a lot of places before I started a business of my own – I had some great work experiences and some lousy one’s. One thing I did know is that when I was happy at work – I flourished and had an amazing capacity to do my best – effortlessly. So as […]

I was sitting quietly at my desk….

I was sitting quietly at my desk last Wednesday… going through some emails, being intentional about getting back to people as soon as I can when I get an email from Pip Marlow – Microsoft Australia Managing Director. I don’t know Pip so it was unusual to hear from her. With interest I read the […]

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Five Famous Fears

A young person in my life recently labeled himself ‘stressed’ he claimed the reason for ‘all’ his life circumstances was because of this ‘label’ he had self imposed. It made me wonder how often is it that we put a label to something (say a set of circumstances) and once we have labeled it – […]