Talking about Live What You Love

  Here is a bit of an insight into the why, how and thoughts behind writing Live What You Love. Booktopia interviewed me just at the time of launch… You can see that this is my deep passion…. sharing what I have learned.

Your business will thrive when your people thrive

In last Sunday night’s episode of Channel Ten’s Shark Tank – John McGrath gave some very sage advice to one of the entrepreneurs – he said “I think you are both the biggest asset … and liability to your business.” John is a measured guy – and he did not say this lightly. A leader, […]

Two buddies on the way to work

I was back in the office today after taking a few weeks off to celebrate Christmas and New Year and I could not resist taking this quick video of the ‘boys’ coming to work. Dexter as Head of Security at RedBalloon has an apprentice – known as Charlie Bear – for obvious reasons… Dexter is […]

Excited to announce….

Live What You Love. When Passion and Purpose Change your Life. I have been alluding to the fact that I have been researching and writing my next book for some time now. In fact, it is more than 12 months since I decided to set aside about eight hours a week to work on the […]

Naomi Simson RED

What Can We Believe In?

At the very core of what it is to be human is our need to belong I wrote recently for a LinkedIn ‘Influencer post’. How we connect to others, our community, family, sporting teams, companies, or country to name a few. Part of our experience of ‘belonging’ is believing that our lives are somehow enhanced […]

Naomi Simson RedBalloon smile

Put a smile on your dial and feel the difference

I was asked by the editors of LinkedIn “What do you always carry with you” – and whilst I might have been tempted to write about an electronic device… the thing that I have always carried with me, and I continue to keep with me is my ‘smile’. Here’s a game, a simple one, that […]

Five strategies on Money and Happiness.

Last weekend RedBallooners were invited to our end of financial year celebration and kick off meeting in Port Douglas. When asked by friends “What was it like?” The only answer I had was – ‘joyous’. The excitement was palpable as soon as we met early on Friday morning. The laughter infectious, the camaraderie obvious – the […]

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Up, up and away – Melbourne Weekly Review

It is not often that I add to my own blog something that has been written about me – this article written by Peter Wilmoth and appeared with a cover shot throughout Melbourne last week. I thought it might give a broader perspective to you about my life…. Up, up and away. If any of […]

Are you a business heart breaker?

Yesterday a colleague and I were digging up some facts for an interview I was doing. We were both thrilled to discover that the first ever experience provider we signed to RedBalloon is still with us to this day – 12 years on. This got me to thinking… “How many businesses can claim to have […]