Taking fun seriously.

I participated on a business owners panel last night for the PricewaterhouseCooper Private Clients area. Russel Howcroft asked each of the panelists questions about what we’d learned and how we viewed the economy. Each of us reinforced the importance the people around us. To have a successful brand it is determined by our people moment […]

Managers are driving employees away

I was just listening to an interview with  Aubrey Daniels who was commenting on Daniel Pinks TED presentation He says that human nature has not changed for 1000s of years. A few weeks ago we received the survey results back. More than 3000 people gave us feedback on the current state of Reward and Recognition […]

Nice breeds nice- please don’t bully me.

I was just chatting to our Pleasure Relations Team…. Some organizations might refer to them as a contact centre or customer team. We named the team after what they do in supporting the brand experience. It is there job to ‘give people a good time.’ That is there role in the RedBalloon experience. [One of […]

Naomi Simson RedBalloon

Employee Engagement 101

Some of my colleagues attended an event last week on Employee Engagement. The speaker asked who ‘knew what employee engagement was?’ Only 5 of the 60 HR professionals attending put up their hands. Either they were to shy to say or this is not a priority to truly understand employee engagement. Yet more than ever […]

Booming Businesses

I was having dinner with a friend of mine last night… she runs her own show. She said business has never been busier. In fact most of our conversation was about planning her business growth. Odd you might think with the current financial climate. She is in a business that will feel an upswing in […]

Latest thoughts on business growth

We got a quick update on his latest thinking and what Verne Harnish has been seeing as trends for entrepreneurs in the US at the Vegas event. There is much conversation about the shortage of great people around the globe. He posed the question ‘what can we do to do more with less?’ Develop the […]

Reality check..

My first job when I left university was with IBM in New York. We worked pretty long hours. A friend of mine who had a graduate job for Arthur Anderson consulting in Australia was coming to the US for his ‘induction’. He was passing through New York for the weekend, alas IBM wanted me to […]