The ‘Fear of Missing Out’ epidemic

I pose the question’ are we so busy staying connected that we have disconnected?’ Are we so busy to dash off an email we forget that a quick phone call can not only do the trick but be more time effective (as well as build the relationship). Perhaps you prefer email to ‘sneaker net’ just […]

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Five reasons why a coupon is NOT a gift

[From LinkedIn] I have just read a news report called “Groupon fights for its life as daily deals fade” which did not really surprise me. I know some of our suppliers have from time to time dabbled with discounting their activities and events through such sites and I have not heard a good story about […]

A RedBalloon world – the story travels

I am often out and about meeting people, customers and suppliers and of course speaking to groups this can take me to anywhere in Australia (and sometimes overseas). It still surprises me that a business that no one had ever heard of a decade ago now appears in the most remote and far distant places. […]

Coming up this week 8 October 2012

Last week was all about publishing! – I had known for a month or so that launch date for the LinkedIn Influencer Program was 2 October – so I had been working hard on presenting my ideas and opinions in blog posts.  I have been very happy with the first week  and the reaction my […]


From time to time publishers send me books ‘hoping’ that I will read them and that I might write something on this blog. They sit in a pile on my desk… One sat on the top of the pile ‘The (Honest) truth about dishonesty – by Dan Ariely – How we lie to everyone – […]

Customer Intimacy

Sometimes all the intention in the world – still means that a customer does not have a good interaction. The question I pose is can we please all the people all the time? I was saddened by an email I received directly from a customer this week – accusing RedBalloon of not listening….. I reviewed […]

Number 1 rule of Retailing = Entertainment

This week we have seen the demise of Fletcher Jones and the opening of Top Shop. My 15 year old daughter texted me, saying ‘I’m even more excited than when Zara opened – it is British and I love it – when can we go?” Many Australian retailers are left thinking “what happened – where […]

A few thoughts on thinking

‘An unexamined life is not worth living’ Socrates Last weekend I took myself off to Landmark Education to do a newly developed program – called ‘Direct Access’ – and whilst I was not quite sure what I wanted to get out of the program I was delighted to see how the organization has evolved since […]

Culture Check

We are fast approaching RedBalloon’s tenth birthday, with that it mind I wanted to check in with the team ‘What does it mean to you to be a part of the RedBalloon story?’ The answers were delightful and insightful… but this particular answer from one of the newer RedBallooners is very worth reproducing in whole. […]

Being Stingy is so last century.

Why do some people think it is okay to be stingy in saying ‘thank you’. I have been in three situations recently that have given me an insight I had been oblivious too. When we happily operate in our own world we are often blind to other peoples view of the world. I thought people […]

Is ‘We Suck’ inspirational leadership?

I heard Liz Wiseman speak recently (co-author of Multipliers)… on leadership styles. She asked the participants to think of a boss who had made them feel great and as a result how did we ‘perform’ for that boss. Then to think about a boss who made us feel smaller. Liz outlined that leaders who make […]

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Coming up this week – 7 Feb 2011.

Verne Harnish raised an interesting question this week in his Insights Newsletter… the notion that there are no such people as ‘internal customers’. This week I had such a variety of customer conversations. I am very clear that our customers are those people who spend money with us…. However I also believe that the idea […]