10 ways to be brave enough to ‘Seize the Day’

It is one thing to say ‘Seize the Day’ – but it is another to actually do it. I (probably like most other people) if I am really faced with a challenge then I want to hide under the bed covers and ‘hope’ it will go away and all of a sudden life will get […]

Turning the performance review on its head

When you hear the term ‘performance review,’ what is your immediate reaction: relish or dread? Is it something that needs to be endured or an exciting opportunity to learn, grow and develop? What if there was a way that you could completely flip the performance experience? Being curious as I am (and experiencing much pain […]

Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode Eight on TEN

“Is this a dream or a nightmare?”  This is what we set out to discover in this episode of Shark Tank – clearly I am incredulous about something – the joy of discovering is not lost on even battle worn one’s like me. There was the inspired, the ingenious, the innocent, the inventor and perhaps […]

Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode Three on TEN

From experiences, to innovations, to the ‘out there’ and wonderful tonight brings us a fresh plate of Australian Shark Tank companies vying for investment…here are my notes from Shark Tank on set Episode Three – remembering that we don’t know anything about the businesses before they arrive on set: The Cave Commando Experience – Sirens, […]

Naomi Simson RedBalloon Guinness World Record

Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode TWO on TEN

With a mix of disruptive businesses, innovators and some rich discussions on valuation Episode Two has many lessons, great insights and a few laughs as well…Our entrepreneurs are prepared, their pitches entertaining and expressive – all the founders in this episode happen to be relatively young (well compared to us) – some have been battling […]

Naomi Simson tv appearances

Coming up this week 9th May 2016

Last week was busy, interesting and exciting – popping into the world of TV, publishing all whilst keep up my day job. I hosted a session with the RedBalloon team sharing insights on #CustomerExperience and the #Startup Days, a with the Minster for Innovation and Better Regulation talking all things #growth, working with my own start […]

When the planets align...

Four steps to make the most of the planets aligning.

  If you were up at 5:30am last Thursda you might have noticed something in the sky that isn’t normally there: for the first time in ten years, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all visible and form a neat line from the horizon to the moon. If you missed it, don’t panic – it should […]