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It’s BHAG Day!

Today at exactly 10.41 am is the moment in time I have looked forward to for more than a decade. I thought this day would come somewhere in 2015. 16 October 2013 is BHAG day – it feels even more special than a birthday. And it is a day of reflection, laughter, joy and celebration. When […]

1,564,895 is just the beginning

As I sit at my desk under the RedBalloon scoreboard I can see that more than 1.5m people have now had a RedBalloon experience. I have written about our purpose and Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) on many occasions. I have declared on so many times ‘RedBalloon is changing gifting in Australia forever’. In reality […]

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Coming up this week 12 December 2011

Last week at RedBalloon we were full of the joys of Christmas. The IT team hosted our final company meeting of the year and were massively creative with their festive theme ; including beaming in their colleague Dave from Perth to have him appear in a cut out Santa via Facetime – (I guess you […]

Dancing in the conversation.

I don’t really like the word ‘networking’ – it implies something forced or not easy (I think the term should remain the domain of IT folks). I was recently at the EO conference in Amsterdam and one of my friends asked me if I was going to ‘network’ there – which made me cringe. I […]

Naomi Simson RedBalloon

Coming up this week 4 April 2011

I suppose the theme that came out of last week – was ‘am I listening enough?’ It was a busy week, full of celebration. I had a fabulous time at the Contours Conference in the Gold Coast…. What a fun group. I had to rush back to Sydney to host a boardroom lunch at RedBalloon. […]

Coming up this week 28 March 2011

At some stage this week we will pass the half way mark on our journey to achieving the RedBalloon BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)… there will be spontaneous celebrations in Pyrmont I’m sure. I gathered from the team last week ‘a one in a million story’ what it means to be a part of the […]

Coming up week of 6 Dec 2010

Christmas is in full swing at RedBalloon – with lot’s of records being broken including passing 888,888 on our BHAG scoreboard on Saturday… Adelaide was a productive trip last week – introducing the Recognition Every Day (RED) Toolkit to many businesses and enjoying fabulous South Australian hospitality. I was included in the Dynamic Business Magazine […]

One by One

One person at a time RedBalloon is changing gifting in Australia and New Zealand forever. It is a simple purpose that continues to drive me every day. I love knowing that people get to experience things that they have always wanted to do as a result of what our team does… and that a gift […]

Why is Business Growth such an addiction

We managed to achieve a pretty good growth number in the past 12 months. We are proud not just of the revenue and EBIT growth – but more importantly the sheer number of people who receive RedBalloon gifts grows exponentially. But why do we want to continue to grow, why do we have such an […]

Employee engagement in the time of pay freezes.

You can’t pick up a paper or business publication without reading about job losses and pay freezes… British Airways has asked it’s employees to go without pay for a month… Telstra has frozen it’s top execs’ pay.  51% of privately held businesses have frozen salaries. 44% of Telco’s have pay freezes and 33% of IT […]