The Gift of Time

The greatest gift we give is the gift of time… and over and over again I hear from many volunteers about the privilege it is to serve. But does that mean that a ‘thanks’ is still important. A colleague recently shared a pamphlet with me regarding carers working with people with disabilities. For many years […]

Life begins with 40

[First appeared as part of the LinkedIn Thought leader program] I am a collector – by nature I gather things. And as I thought about what I could write here – I imagined myself in the shoes of my reader.  If nothing else I would wonder what has influenced her? What inspires her? So below […]

Vivid Stories increase happiness

[First published on LinkedIn Thought Leaders on 4 October] “I found myself sitting in the cockpit of a small aircraft – it smelt like on old MG, my hair would have been blowing in the wind, as I belted down the runway except I had on a buggles hat with goggles. I was nervous and […]

The numbers on why happiness is important

Perhaps I am posing a far too obvious question… but the thing I consider, is the effort and energy it takes to be happy, worth it? Perhaps it is easier to be grumpy, disconnected and uninspired…. the statistics however do not lie. Suicide remains a major external cause of death, accounting for more deaths in […]

Three predictors for sustained happiness?

Listening to Shawn Achor at the Entrepreneur Organization was a delight. I had read his book – The Happiness Advantage years ago, when I began my journey to discover ‘this human condition’ of happiness. I’d watched his TED talk which has had more than 2million views (below)– and for want of a better word I […]

A 360 degree view of the holistic life

Looking at one’s spirituality and how it impacts each area of one’s life is not necessarily something I think about a lot. But as I launch headlong into inspiring people to thank five people a day …. I am researching and learning more and more about the impact this can have in every area of […]

Naomi Simson family dexter

Apparently we’re a grumpy bunch.

I have witnessed the rawness of emotion, pure joy and the simplicity of happiness in the years that I have been building RedBalloon. On my road of discovery I learned that Australia & also New Zealand are not ranked well in the global score card in the Happy Planet Index. I do question why we […]

In search of happiness..

In a recent interview by Eloise King of Soul Session she secured in interview with Deepak Chopra about his Five Secrets to Happiness: Enjoyment at work, Having friends, Being active & well rested, Not worrying about money and Being connected to something larger than yourself; I found his words about the accumulation of stuff and […]

10 Things Happy People Have in Common

Feel Great Happiness is fun and it feels good. Waking up each morning feeling excited to discover what the day holds – going to bed satisfied that it was a great day – feeling gratitude for what ever the day presented. Having truly been aware of those around you. Longer Life Happy people live longer. […]