CHOICE Australia makes a choice to be a best employer

Employer of Choice CHOICE has been advising consumers since last century about the efficacy of the broadest range of products. As a child, my father would receive his monthly subscription to the magazine – each month opening it with glee and reading (often out loud) to us the reviews on household products. I always wondered […]

coworking space syndey

Entrepreneur in Residence

Coworking Space Sydney I have just been appointed ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ at Gravity co-working space in Sydney – which is a very new experience for me. Since leaving the daily operations of RedBalloon some three years ago I have been very busy in the start-up community, not just with the businesses that I invest in […]

Five habits for creating long-term happiness.

#TBT – Over a ‘lunch n learn’ session with the Redii team on Tuesday we re-watched Shawn Achor’s TEDx talk, and it reminded us all on what is important in this life.  I’m off to buy the team a gratitude journal each, and I encourage you to read on and ‘re-set the compass’. Shawn Achor […]

Turning the performance review on its head

When you hear the term ‘performance review,’ what is your immediate reaction: relish or dread? Is it something that needs to be endured or an exciting opportunity to learn, grow and develop? What if there was a way that you could completely flip the performance experience? Being curious as I am (and experiencing much pain […]

Naomi Simson awards events EY entrepreneur of the year 2011

I got control by giving up control – peer to peer leadership

People often ask “Did you ever imagine RedBalloon would become what it is today?”  In all truthfulness, not really…. but I do remember that it is a long time since RedBalloon was a startup. Back in 2001 there was no such thing as social media; digital photography was rare; no smart phones; the tech industry […]

Naomi Simson experiences sharks

The state of Small Business – It’s a team game

Small businesses are essential to economies around the globe; we the little guys – serve our local communities, we too can serve the world because we can access customers anywhere. I find myself in a fortunate position almost as a spokesperson on behalf of small business because of my role on TENs Shark Tank Australia. In […]

RedBalloon turns ‘Blu’ for a day

Here is an international success story… which is humbling – and has left all RedBallooners quite ‘Blu’. I post this here to answer a question I had today in my session at EY. What does WorldBlu or a democratic business look like? Way back in 2001 when RedBalloon was founded, I had so many hopes […]

Love them or they will leave you

It was great to have a $2 million pitch on TEN’s Shark Tank a few weeks ago. It was a business with a track record, a solid customer base and a clear vision for growth. Not to mention Stan Kruss, the founder, was an extremely polished presenter. When Andrew Banks asked Stan, “How would your […]