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The words conscious and capitalism collide

It has been reported on more than one occasion that putting the words conscious and capitalism together would make an oxymoron. Yet what it really is, is announcement of the new order of what is possible, productive and profitable for businesses. “Imagine a business that is born out of a dream about how the world […]

Two buddies on the way to work

I was back in the office today after taking a few weeks off to celebrate Christmas and New Year and I could not resist taking this quick video of the ‘boys’ coming to work. Dexter as Head of Security at RedBalloon has an apprentice – known as Charlie Bear – for obvious reasons… Dexter is […]

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My First Job

There always has to be a first that will be forever remembered. And I’d like to think that first is remembered for all the right reasons. My first job was at the local toy store. I got the job just before the Christmas rush and I worked Friday night and Saturday morning. My first paycheck […]

Naomi Simson speaker

4 insights in 8 minutes on entrepreneurship

I’m looking forward to my keynote at the Small Business Summit next week –  I did this interview (included below) for the local radio station about what I would be speaking about. My interview with Tony Eades covered so much in such a short time – and it gives a flavor for what I will […]

Longing to Belong

At the very core of our being – we want to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs speaks to self-esteem and respect – and respect is very much about being in a place where you can be yourself. When I left corporate life and started my own business I wanted […]

The dark side to workplace happiness.

As I said in a recent LinkedIn post I came across an article from The Guardian entitled The dark side of work place happiness. Of course this peaked my attention – if you took out the words ‘work place’ you end up with “The dark side of happiness”. “What on earth could be the dark […]

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In search of happiness … at work

I’d worked in a lot of places before I started a business of my own – I had some great work experiences and some lousy one’s. One thing I did know is that when I was happy at work – I flourished and had an amazing capacity to do my best – effortlessly. So as […]

One step toward being an ‘out of the box’ best employer

I meet many business owners, and entrepreneurs; the question that we cannot help but ask each other is “How’s business?” People tend to be circumspect with his or her answer however the conversation usually moves on to “how did RedBalloon become a ‘Great Place to Work?”. I have never shied away from sharing with anyone […]

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Big dreams – if you think you can you can.

We have just completed our planning cycle. And I am completely excited by the plans that the leadership team has created under the stewardship of CEO Kristie. Whilst I am clearly not going to reveal the content here… it gave me cause to reflect about dreaming big – and playing full out. RedBalloon is all […]

We are multi sensory beings – Aesop

Think about the brands that you love – how do they make you feel? What do they mean to you? Now think about those bill boards that you pass every day – for businesses and products that don’t stand for anything and don’t mean anything (and they may also not be relevant to you either). […]