Employee engagement in the time of pay freezes.

You can’t pick up a paper or business publication without reading about job losses and pay freezes… British Airways has asked it’s employees to go without pay for a month… Telstra has frozen it’s top execs’ pay.Β  51% of privately held businesses have frozen salaries. 44% of Telco’s have pay freezes and 33% of IT […]

Naomi Simson RedBalloon

Employee Engagement 101

Some of my colleagues attended an event last week on Employee Engagement. The speaker asked who ‘knew what employee engagement was?’ Only 5 of the 60 HR professionals attending put up their hands. Either they were to shy to say or this is not a priority to truly understand employee engagement. Yet more than ever […]

Lessons learned in Kindergarten still apply

It might sound basic but one of the key questions I get asked is how do we get people to have fun and be extremely productive at work. What keeps the workplace interesting, people motivated and most importantly make it a fun place to be? Sometimes it is the simplest things that make the difference. […]

Reality check..

My first job when I left university was with IBM in New York. We worked pretty long hours. A friend of mine who had a graduate job for Arthur Anderson consulting in Australia was coming to the US for his ‘induction’. He was passing through New York for the weekend, alas IBM wanted me to […]