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Luna Park

With the Allianz team
With the Allianz team

As I boarded a flight back to Sydney again this morning, I thought to myself…boy… I was in and out of the Gold Coast and Melbourne last week busy waving the RedBalloon flag at speaking engagements for Allianz, Siemens and Leading Property Managers of Australia (and who could forget B-School – pictured below working on #IdeaNation), I hardly saw these places while sharing the RedBalloon customer experience story. Often I go from car to airport to car to event without even looking up…racing from place to place (and for me, I am so focused on my ‘One Thing’ but I need to continually remind myself to be present to where I am and who I am with).

Warming up the speaking gear for All Stars Family Feud

Coming up this week:

Monday: In Sydney for the Loreal Business & Artistic Seminar #lphairinsights2016 where the theme is “Experiences that occur with your brand, your people and your customers.” In addition to some meetings  I will be ready to yell at the TV at 7.30 as we go head to head with Bondi Rescue in All Star Family Fued on Channel 10.

Tuesday: Is all things Hegs… What an exciting ride that business.

Wednesday: Is finalizing my new keynote content which covers some of the things that I explore in #ReadytoSoar

Thursday: Is all things – with customer calls, partner discussions and amplifying the successes businesses are having with it.

Friday: Is all about Shark Tank including Sonsee Woman, the new series, and interview to begin promoting Season 2

Promoting #IdeaNation and #ReadyToSoar with the BSchool team

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