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The entrepreneur’s journey Coming Up this week 30 May 2016

And the winner is Mud & Musk

Last week was one of those incredible weeks when a plan comes together. If I was to give it a theme it would be ‘Inspired Start Ups Center Stage’. From sharing the love with Ready to Soar for Business Management students at Queenwood School to B-Schools #IdeaNation sponsored by ANZ Business Ready in Melbourne. I finished the week talking all things Live What You Love in Alice Springs for the Strata Managers conference. Shark Tank found its new place on…

An Entrepreneur’s Journey – Coming Up This Week 23 May 2016


The big news for the week is Shark Tank moving from Sunday nights to Wednesday nights…. Episode 4 of Shark Tank will air on Wednesday 25 June – straight after Master Chef Last week for me was all about planning. With all of the businesses that I work with we are coming close to the end of the year. Looking, designing and creating strategies as very much a part of the entrepreneurs journey. I have been using the #OnePageStrategicPlan from…

No one intends to crash and burn


  As the new book ‘Ready to Soar’ begins to arrive in book stores I reflect on why I dedicated hours and hours to putting down on paper what is in my brain. The experience of nearly 30 years of being in, or working with small business has given me not just vast knowledge but battle scars. People ask me regularly “I’ve got a business idea, what should I do next?” – and quite frankly the answer to that question…

Talking about the ‘Bucket List’

RedBalloon has always been about ‘good times’ it might just as well be about the ‘bucket list’ or ‘dream catcher’… Maybe your family or friends might give you something from your list – or maybe you will choose something for yourself… Here I talk with Grant Denyer on All Star Family Feud (with Shark Tank and Bondi Rescue) about ticking things of my bucket list.   Do you have a bucket list? If so what is on it and when…

Shark Tank vs Bondi Rescue All Star Family Fued

Join us Monday 11 April at 7.30 on Channel 10. The Sharks play for the  Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation…. shame I get so tongue tied… The Research Foundation has been doing it’s work for the last 10 years – and this is what has been achieved so far:

The 11 Golden Rules of Conversation

I was in a cafe in Argentina with my daughter a few weeks ago – and on the front of the menu was a list of  ‘the golden rules of conversation’. Now whilst it was quite amusing – see the picture attached, I thought there must be a reason – even if it is just for the sake of conversation – that they chose to write about conversation. Are we losing the art of conversation? Do many people communicate more…

New Book Cover released – Ready to Soar (May 2016)

Ready to Soar_COVER

Turn you brilliant idea into a business you love. (2016) In Store May 2016 I’m very pleased that all the hard work over the last number of months is coming to fruition…. I had locked myself away, put my head down, and answered the question I get asked the most. Okay so it might take 86,000 words to do so… the ‘question’ has so many implications – to do it justice I had to look at it from many angles….

The entrepreneurial journey is a long and personal one

I saw the movie ‘The Intern’ with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro in the cinema when it came out late in 2015. It brought tears to my eyes… Then my mother, returning on a Qantas flight, watched the same movie a few weeks ago and she called me to ask (tongue in cheek) if I had been ‘writing screen plays’ in my spare time because there was similarities to my own life in the film. Then a fellow female…

The power of crowds vs the power of many.


The power of ‘crowds’ has taken hold over recent years. Crowdfunding, crowd reviews, crowd sourcing – though we are seeing a little less crowd ‘surfing’ than we used to. But rather than crowd – the real question is the power of many. When I look at businesses that come into Shark Tank  – or anybody that approaches me with a ‘great idea’ (and they look at me expectantly to determine if ‘I have the answer’ which I don’t) – the…

A gift for you or a gift for a loved one

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.31.12 AM

It is all hands on deck at RedBalloon now – Christmas is fast approaching and there are hundreds of thousands of red envelopes to make it  under the tree in the next few weeks. Christmas for me is always a time for reflection and review – before I get on with next year and run really hard again… 2015 was like no other for me… my world shifted. Clearly being on Network TEN’s Shark Tank is a wonderful new experience…