I’m not too crazy about my purchase, can I change my mind?

We have all purchased something and then at some point regretted the decision. It may be immediately or sometime later. If you have only just purchased the order and would like to try to cancel, please get in touch with us directly on 1300 875 500. Although we can’t make any guarantees, we will always try.

Sadly all purchases are non-refundable. It goes without saying that if there is an issue with your items such as damage or a fault, we can assist in arranging a replacement. We’re not monsters.

I know everyone gets excited about shopping online, especially when it’s something for yourself but please take the time to choose wisely. Think to yourself “will future me still love this?!”

I’m sure my order wasn’t damaged when I purchased it!

Was the post a little too excited in delivering your item? There is nothing worse than waiting with anticipation for an item to arrive only to find it was damaged! The delivery gods must be punished. Send us the details, and we can work on getting a replacement out to you soon as possible. If you can also attach a picture or two of the damage, that’s even better. Help us help you.