The entrepreneur’s journey: 7 November 2016

I was a little embarrassed today, when someone I do want to catch up with suggested a bunch of dates to see me in November… and the only time we could find was in the new year – argh! I can feel the year closing quickly. I had such a great week to start November, […]

The entrepreneur’s journey This Week 31 October 2016

Last week was all about resilience, focus and a few laughs – there were plenty of lessons. Monday was all about strategy and planning for  Tuesday was to be a continuation of the ‘design thinking project’ and reviewing numbers… and mostly this got achieved. (Though I missed a media interview) we did manage to […]

It’s a ‘devil’ of a job growing a business

When you start a #business you are full of #positivity and #possibility – you are so driven by #passion that anything seems achievable – you operate on sheer energy. As you grow your business you begin to employ people, and you ‘hope’ that they are as passionate as you… that they truly ‘believe’ in the cause, […]

Where do ideas come from

RedBalloon was not the first business idea I had – but as I look back now I realise that of all the ideas I had, it was the one that inspired me, that I was passionate about, that I could see myself making a difference with. As I learned later when I did a Harvard […]

Creativity, agility and execution all require strategy

Strategy, ideation, creativity, agility all these words are critical to the success of the business growth and even living a successful life. Nothing stays the same – change at every level is inevitible. In this series of posts I talk about the strategies and ideas that I came up with the stay relevant and ultimately […]

Inspired by those that I meet

There is so much to learn from others – true greatness comes from our ability to grow from what others have learned. Meet-Up is all about what I have learned from those entrepreneurs and influencers that I meet. Inspirational quotes that I have collected as well as what I have shared with audiences in my […]

“Inspiring the business world”

When I was approached by The CEO magazine, to be the feature story in the September edition, my initial reaction was – ‘but I’m not a CEO!’ (Nick Baker has been the RedBalloon CEO for some years now.) Whilst I am an executive director at, I’m still not the CEO. However, when it was […]

Naomi Simson friends Layne Beachley

What it takes to be ‘unbeatable’

Madeleine Albright famously said ‘There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.’ Perhaps there is a special place in hell for those who don’t help others… no matter the gender. When asked why Andrew Banks was a Shark on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank Australia he said “People are curious to know how self-made people (like the Sharks) […]