Our path to RedBalloon may differ but our purpose aligns.

Handing the baton to CEO Kristie Buchanan

As I look around the office at RedBalloon I note that we are ready waiting for the Christmas rush to begin in earnest. We have had many new RedBallooners join us recently as we continue to grow significantly. I understand that there have now been 214 RedBallooners in our 12 year history – walk through our doors, they have added his or her talents to achieving our  purpose, some have gone on to other great adventures – but there are…

The more you persist the more I’ll resist – Inspirational

The more you persist the more I’ll resist – Inspirational

Tell me I “cannot” do, be or have something – and that is the surest way to inspire me into action as I recently shared with the LinkedIn influencer program. What inspires me is simply when the ‘impossible becomes possible’ – to tackle a problem and never give up, no matter how challenging. The pet name my peers gave me at university was ‘Num’ – because it rhymed with dumb… I had an idea that I was not the smartest…

Nine life lessons distilled from 770 blog posts

Life Lessons from the famous and the ordinary

I was recently asked as part of an awards process to outline the lessons I have learned from starting my own business in 2001. I then referred to my blog to find out that of the 770 blog posts I have written – 164 of the posts have been dedicated to ‘Lessons Learned’. These are my own originals – but I add  four from the famous below. Then I set about trying to summarize, and I thought there might be…

All Expenses Paid and No Surprises

All Expenses Paid and No Surprises

Some weeks ago I was invited to participate in a BRW round table with Paul Bakker, Amanda Gome, and Grant Johnstone on managing costs in business. My initial reaction was “What would I know about that – I believe that  you need to spend money to make money”… then I started to think about how we continue to focus on budgets and performance at RedBalloon – so I convinced myself that perhaps I could add a different view to the…

Technology is at the heart of all businesses – embrace it

NSW Pearcey 2013 Entrepreneur Awards - Hall of Fame

As I shared late last week with my LinkedIn community. I found myself sitting in the auditorium of the NSW Parliament Building to participate in the Pearcey Foundation’s 2013 Technology Entrepreneur of the Year awards. (I was there to be honored by being named the 2013 winner). The Tech industry is a place that I have spent nearly all of my career – before being an entrepreneur I had roles at IBM, Apple and a number of other IT entities….

Disconnected by FOMO

Disconnected by FOMO

Many people experience FOMO that is the ‘fear of missing out’. What I mean by this is people fear that someone is having more fun or a better time than they are, in that moment. As a result many people are struggling to be present  or truly experience where they actually are. I hosted a lavish family dinner party for my sisters fiftieth birthday and it broke my heart to watch her youngest want to be somewhere else could he…

It’s BHAG Day!

at 10.39

Today at exactly 10.41 am is the moment in time I have looked forward to for more than a decade. I thought this day would come somewhere in 2015. 16 October 2013 is BHAG day – it feels even more special than a birthday. And it is a day of reflection, laughter, joy and celebration. When Kirsten, Jemma and I sat around wondering “how could we change gifting in Australia forever” so that experiences became a top of mind when Australians considered…

Nightmare on Corporate Street

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Most of us have been there I explored in a recent LinkedIn article. Feeling unappreciated; our work and efforts going unnoticed and uncelebrated; our self-confidence plummeting by the day. The experience we have in the workplace can have a profound impact on all other areas of our lives, as well as our overall sense of well being. I started RedBalloon back in 2001 party because I wanted to create a workplace that inspires people, values their contribution and makes them…

Can you ‘fire’ your boss?

Can you ‘fire’ your boss?

Have you ever wanted to stamp your feet or scream and yell at your boss! Does he or she seem to get in the way of you doing your best work? Do they ever seem to be working in his or her best interests rather than that of the business? If you have answered yes to any of these then you have probably wished you had the power to fire your boss as I explored recently on LinkedIn. What ever…

Three is memorable – 10 is perfect

10 is the magic number.

Have you noticed of late how so many blog posts and articles are headed up with something like “the five lessons…” or “the 12 ways to fix…..” Mea culpa!!  I’ve just written a piece for LinkedIn called Are you unscrupulous? 11 questions to find out. I have written as many posts as any other blogger – offering bite sized pieces to my readers. There is power in numbers. 10 is supposedly perfect – and we like to remember things in…