I love trying new things – in fact, this year my husband and I are making a point of doing things we have never done before. Our theme this year is ‘outside the box’. A wonderful theme, but sometimes I am left a little anxious. Time is so precious – and when we choose a new restaurant or experience for date night I want to know that it will be ‘good’. 

So whilst I want to live outside the box, it appears that I might not want to be outside my comfort zone. As such, I read reviews, or I look for ‘expert’ advice from one who has been there before me. Apparently I am not alone – some 40% of all purchase decisions rely on reviews and research.

It’s often why people rely so heavily on curated marketplaces when making a purchase decision. Especially when it comes to experiences, travel, dining and service. Because unlike a ‘product’ it’s not possible to ‘send it back’ if it did not meet expectations.

This is the premise that has seen continued engagement with both the RedBalloon and Adrenaline brands – both businesses request that customers review their experiences and share what they learned. This gives our teams the opportunity to work with the experience providers to keep evolving the offer.

Staying on trend is equally important. Finding, uncovering, and bringing to market different experiences has always been an exciting part of what we do.

We have seen significant growth in both the gourmet and pamper experience range. And in researching the experience economy it became evident we had the opportunity to seek out a complementary experience brand focussed on gourmet, ‘date night’, and pamper experiences. 

This week David Anderson, Co-Founder and Group CEO of BRG and I are so pleased to welcome Lime&Tonic to the Big Red Group house of experience brands.


The Lime&Tonic brand will allow the group to serve a whole new range of experiences – it has a different offering with a commitment to uncover new, on-trend experiences with a personal concierge flavour, recommending with authority. Its experiences delight, entertain and are curated by the expert team – then quality-assured through customer reviews and recommendations.

Lime&Tonic is a beautiful brand that creates customised experiences. I believe that this curation and its focus on dining and well-being gives people an assurance to try new things… to live ‘outside the box’, with the comfort that the experiences will be great.

I’m thrilled to welcome Lime&Tonic and its customers to the BRG and I encourage you to book your next experience now… #datenight.

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