Personality makes the world go round. We are all people and we are in the business of fun. RedBalloon is currently recruiting for many roles.
This application really stood out…

    • “Once upon a time there was a young girl devastated upon discovering the truth about Santa.

To help cheer this sad little Vegemite, the girl’s mother invited her into the world of late night Christmas Eve gift wrapping, for those younger, still believing siblings.
This special job became just as much a part of Christmas as the over sized tree blocking the TV, decorations from one end of the house to the other and the nativity set of Cabbage Patch dolls in the fireplace.
Even when the mystery and magic of childhood beliefs had been outgrown by the youngest of us, on that same night every year, when not a creature was stirring not even a mouse, I would tip-toe down the hall and knock on my mother’s bedroom door and hear her reply of “I was wondering when you were coming to help me wrap the presents”
As children, there are certain things we find special.
For me, the giving of a gift is one of those things.
I have always felt that just as much thought and care should go into the wrapping and presentation of a gift, as the gift itself.
I enjoy finding ways of wrapping that compliment the gift in some way, adds to the gift, is useful to the recipient, reflects the recipient’s personality or the occasion, or is simply quirky or amusing.
Being creative is something I enjoy along with many other crafts and hobbies including beading, knitting, quilting, paper crafts, glass painting, gardening and furniture restoration. This explains why I have many areas of my home designated to the storage of craft supplies and why I asked “Santa” for a router instead of perfume a few years ago.
My personal interests and hobbies along with prior positions have equipped me with skills I believe you would consider valuable to your business”
Ah, this is who we have at RedBalloon…lot’s of elves making miracles every day.

Grow & Scale Your Business by Naomi Simson

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