I love to say at my speaking engagements “There is no integrity in advertising.” I know how to really get marketers and advertising people off side.
My point is though that it is the people within an organisation that are the greatest ‘marketing tool’ that you have. Your people, suppliers and distributors and customers are your greatest media.
If you pay for advertising to tell people that you’re the greatest brand on the planet and then when they contact your organisation – or go to your web site and that is not what they experience…then simply you are worse off than you were before.
How much does Nike spend on advertising – enough to run a small country. Yet when I go in store and am met with a part time under 18 sales assistant who, in no way understands the Nike product nor why it is what it is my brand experience is not reinforced. Hence wasted advertising dollars. Let’s spend more of our marketing budgets on harnessing our greatest media – our people.
Give me some of examples of why advertising has no integrity.

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