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I have been asked many times, ‘Where did the name come from?’. Some have commented that they think it is not a very logical name, moreover it in no way describes what RedBalloon Days is.

I was presenting at a big event on the Gold Coast recently (600 attendees) and I was having a quick chat to the organiser just before I was to go on stage. And he said by way of farewell ‘Good luck with the charity!’ and on another occasion I had a woman come up to me at a trade show and say ‘I always sleep my baby on his side.’ (I guess we still have to work on that brand marketing).

The thing is the name may not describe what we do, but once you know it, it is memorable and has vivid images associated with it.

I invented the name long before the company – in December 2000. I was literally pacing my back yard, and somewhere in my distant memory I remembered the wonderful ‘Oscar winning’ children’s movie I had seen as a child. I discovered it was in fact a short movie from 1956, and the story so fitting to my new business venture. A red balloon befriends a little Parisian boy and after many incidents he is carried off by a bunch of balloons to experience an amazing adventure.

So for me a Red Balloon has always been a symbol of happiness – in a grey day.

We added the word ?Day?s because it implies that they are ‘Days to be remembered’. (Besides we originally did not have the URL)

The RedBalloon purpose is quiet simple ?Pleasure – our actions create amazing days to fulfil people’s dreams, delight others and inspire greatness.

To me that was the essence of this wonderful children?s story.

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  1. Hi Naomi, I love your blog – it’s always so inspiring and positive. I too am passionate about bringing pleasure into people’s lives – it’s so often forgotten that pleasure is one of the absolutely essential ingredients of life! Anything that encourages us to take life a little less seriously is to be applauded.
    I had wondered if the name of your company was inspired by the Red Balloon film. I have the Red Balloon book (made at the same time as the movie). It was always one of my children’s favourites at bedtime and was passed onto us by another family where it had been a favourite. The story is a delight – a red balloon bringing so much joy into a little boy’s life. I’d love to now pass the book onto you if you don’t have it – for your children or to have around your office, I know it would be going to a good home! Look forward to your next post. Regards, Kim.

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