I’ve taken some time off during school holidays. To be with the family… but of course, I cannot help being the ‘chief experience officer’ even on holidays… So I tried some of our more unique experiences in Far North Queensland. Some of the most delightful experiences are those that are unexpected. Jungle Surfing is one of those
RedBalloon only offers Jungle Surfing in one location… Cape Tribulation – In fact, it might be the only place it is offered in the world. We were to do the activity in the afternoon and for most of the day, my children are at me with questions. ‘What is it?’ ‘Why is it called jungle surfing?’ I’ve read the description on RedBalloon – but I still can’t quite work it out. Something like flying foxes through the rain forest canopy.
Ian picked us up and shuttled us in a van to the site… clearly, purpose built only a few minutes from town.
We have signed the paperwork on the way there (which keeps things moving quickly). We have a harness fitted for us based on our weight… and they select a helmet for us. My son’s helmet reads ‘Tinkerbelle” much to everyone’s amusement. My daughter’s helmet says “Paris Hilton”. Great way to keep the small trip (we are seven) very intimate – and get us laughing. The young 4-year-old with us delights at being called Captain Jack Sparrow.
We climb a track to the first tree…up to the canopy we go. Our harnesses always have two connection points to the rigging. We have two ‘hosts’ – both have been with the organisation for many years – they know the area backwards and throughout the five spans of the trip – they keep pointing things out… like the native banana trees. All of the riggings is held in place via pressure (No trees were harmed in the making of this experience).
As I sit ready to slip over the side it occurs to me how high we are off the ground. I have never done Bungie because I’m ‘not comfortable’ with heights. My kids have gone first… relishing the ‘flying’ experience – there is no turning back.
All good, I love the sensation of freedom and looking top down to the rain forest floor. Asked how high I thought we have I declared ‘100 metres’ too much amusement we were only 19.5 metres off the ground. It looks so much higher.
By the last leg of the trip, we were hanging upside down and going backwards through the forest. Absolutely thrilling. So worth the trip so far north. Great education as well as being environmentally friendly
The kids are asking – when can we do it again?

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