Business Success program came to interview me a few weeks ago. They asked some questions about growth and technology. I had some not so technical answers. Such as when they asked about speed – I said: “you just need a really big pipe!”
I have no idea how it has come together but does join me by watching on Sunday morning (remember clocks switch this weekend). The official overview is below. I don’t know if I have ever heard us described as massive before.
Business Success Sunday 8.30am on Channel 9.
Welcome to the latest Business Success News. This week:
Any small to medium enterprise even one operating from a suburban home can be more substantial more flexible more efficient and more profitable through a very simple and sensible investment in Next G mobiles and ADSL plus 2 broadband.
It is no longer about big vs small but fast vs slow.
Think about the Telstra commercial where a business owner pulls down a screen with a vista of the city behind him prior to a conference call to create the illusion of having a massive business.
Technology means virtual businesses can operate from anywhere at any time.
We hook up a small very successful virtual consulting business with a massive internet gift business for some technology sharing information.
Let me know what you think…

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