Imagine nearly half the working population is not happy at work doing what they are doing…. This is terrible. How can people be productive if they are not happy? Australian’s are supposed to be a nation of happy people.. we live in one of the luckiest countries on earth – yet according to and Core data, we are not enjoying ourselves.

According to a new survey, nearly half of the working population is dissatisfied in their role and feel they’re not being paid enough. A survey jointly conducted by and Core data revealed that 45 percent of respondents are not happy at work, with a quarter thinking about changing jobs every single day. How can people get anything productive done if they are constantly looking elsewhere?
The main reason for people’s unhappiness at work according to the research is a lack of promotion and rewards.
We’ve seen that there is a real melding between the work week and the weekend – the definition of leisure time has changed. People want to be noticed and rewarded for what they contribute to an organisation.
We have found that there are three things that drive the success of our rewards programs

  1. How people are acknowledged
  2. Being able to choose what they want to do – that is to experience the reward
  3. The sense of achievement – getting to do something they have always wanted to do creates the ‘brag factor’ – and people love to talk.

It is not hard to instil fun into the workplace – it can be simple, down to earth but resonate with people. I’m determined to move this number.

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