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It has been a very big Christmas…what joy when so many people have RedBalloon envelopes to wake up to on Christmas morning.

But I have been working on where we will be this time in 3 years time. My quote of the day was when I said to our new Senior Developer David..”To not make a decision is a decision to agree to apathy”. It sounded so profound at the time.

RedBalloon has prided itself on continually innovating. So here is the view of Version 3. “Oh, my goodness” no wonder we moved forward. But we loved it at the time. I saw the wireframes today for Version 6. We have so much more to do.

A big thank you to all those who are providing such a valuable contribution to the next version…And a merry season to all. This was THE Christmas of experience.

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  • Oh wonderful to support the #bloodsfoundation with their work with the @sydneyswans #academy 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️ @mattjanssen
  • What a great thing to be able to do... share leadership stories with people who are taking steps to change the world #sapariba
  • Oops sprung, getting ready for #sharktank 7.30 tonight..He says that he won't make a sound... surely no one will notice my #headofsecurity.
  • Often our own self-doubt and fear stop us doing what we really want to do. We limit ourselves,hold ourselves back or just don't give it a go... because we spend so much time worrying about 'what if it doesn't work out'. Mea-Culpa
  • Oh my it looks like I'm about to take a massive bite out of someone on tomorrow's @sharktankau .... 😆 join me On TEN at 7.30 💃🦈


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