I arrive at this weekend thinking – oh my goodness what an amazing week. We really moved the game forward. There is nothing more exhilarating than playing full out and winning the game.
So what did we get up to this week:

  • Sunday – Second in Corporate Swim Bridge to Beach 11km.
  • Monday – Find perfect HR manager and she accepts!
  • Tuesday – BBQ lunch at office cooked by Dave, Alice and Kim – With clean up by Biz Dev team – to celebrate Steph’s Maternity leave – (First RedBalloon baby born Friday 9.10 am so maternity leave just in time) I cry…?
  • Wednesday – Launch new version of the website – Rob, Jemma, Paula, Steph (already on maternity leave) and team amazing effort.
  • Thursday – Cooking class at lunch time for whole team (learning the creative side of life)
  • Friday – Biz Dev host drinks and Rebecca and Dave teach us about the ceremony of Shebat – and we wish Britt and Tim the very best for their wedding.
  • Saturday – I have been informed is the official day of rest (hardly likely though)

Work hard – play hard – it really works.
Thanks to my fantastic team.

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