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Some weeks I am so busy when I fall into bed at night I can barely remember what I did that morning… yet I am no good to anyone if I rush around without making sure that I look after myself.
Often I just need a few moments to myself to gather my thoughts during the day, whether it is taking a walk at lunch time – or patting Dexter dog.
There is a big difference though between a little break in the day – and having a decent holiday.
I have always planned my year because school holidays are the only real time for a longer break – Planning 12 months in advance means that they are locked in and it gives me something to look forward to.
This week however, I have taken a few days to unwind – I was in Brisbane for a speaking engagement and a friend of mine is recovering from an accident – so I said ‘let’s go and have a few days to rest and recuperate’.
How wonderful it is.  Apart from the fact that my friend has a broken jaw, hence there are no solid foods at our retreat – and I have chosen to follow her new diet of smoothies, soup, French champagne and ice cream (I’m sure it will catch on – so if you hear of the Margie Hartley detox you will know where it came from) – the time to discuss, debate, read, and rest is so very precious.
Both of us are parents of teenagers and we lamented that we cannot remember the last time we had a few nights away to indulge. It has been wonderful to have a giggle, shop and even watch a re run on the TV of ‘Thelma and Louise’.
We plan so much of what we do at work – I question do we plan as much when it comes to non-work? To be creative we must have time to think, to be imaginative we need space to learn, and experience new things. Distance gives us perspective.
When was the last time you had a ‘mini break’… and thanks RedBalloon for making this trip so easy with the Getaway Range!

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