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Each Trimester we have a theme. This theme is designed to get every RedBallooner focused on delivering the critical component of the plan. But we make sure that we are fulfilling our fourth value of – a sense of humour and fun. After all, it is okay to have fun in business.

This years’ theme is ‘Success to Significance’. One of the metrics we use to determine ‘Significance’ is the Google page ranking. Google will rank however it chooses. We do know that the more we are being ‘talked about’ online the more likely our rank is to go up.

So we engaged the team in the project. Their job was to take photographs, shoot video, write articles or generally put RedBalloon in the public domain. Everybody at RedBalloon loves to ‘be a marketer’. So this was their chance. We set up bi-weekly winners for ‘The most creative’ and ‘The most humorous’ and last week we had The Sneaky Awards night at Fox Studios – it was RedBalloon’s version of the Academy Awards.

The categories included:

  • Team Quantity (The team that had the most entries)
  • Most Creative
  • Most Humorous
  • Most Red
  • Most Logos
  • RedBalloon experience (Had to be on an actual RedBalloon experience)
  • Child/Animal labour
  • Surreal photos (Manipulated)
  • Greatest Public Exposure
  • Party of the trimester (Each team was given $150 and had to host the whole company for Friday drinks)
  • Movie of the trimester

I’ll share with you below more of the movies – they are really funny. Also, the photo’s of the actual awards night. It was so great to include the RedBallooner’s partners at this event. After all, so many of the partners had to be cajoled in to assist with the project.

Other Sneaky Movies







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  1. wow videos are really cool, and the content is amazing. But i did hate watching more than 1 video.. Thx for sharing.

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  • The time machine. And 33 years later how did we fair? ⬅️ #oldfriends #lifejourney #unifriends #throwback
  • Always an important reminder... everyone has something to teach us. #quote #inspiration
  • Archie here has never met a camera he didn't like 📸  Not a bad place to work when you can bring your dogs along 😉  Plus he came in uniform! 🐶 ❤️ #notmine #bigredgroup #redballoon #dogsofinsta
  • ‘Tis the season to put on a silly 👑 #myredballoon #party #workparty 🎈🎉
  • Amazing Christmas setting! @dinosaur_designs @veuveclicquotau #christmas


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