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For those who have read the ‘Little Red Book of Answers’ or heard me speak you will know that I often quote Ram Charan. I was lucky enough to meet him at the Telstra launch of Next IP.

Anyway, AIM is bringing him to Australia.

I like his message. No point having a plan if you don’t execute. This man is a big thinker who seems to engage people with the simplicity of his message. It’s one thing to have a plan it is another to execute it.

The quote I regularly use is “The motto of successful CEO’s is People First – Strategy Second”. Of course, once you have the right people on the bus – execution is everything.

I think we are pretty good at creating a plan at RedBalloon. One of the challenges we face is not getting distracted along the way with other very tempting opportunities. I know my team get sick of me saying ‘Just deliver on the plan and it will all turn out’. I’m looking forward to hearing from Ram Charan first hand.

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  • Looking good team! #BRG #kickoff
  • Oh it’s all about #BRG and 2018 for the next few days ❤️ Love to plan 💙Love to dream @redballoon @getredii @davidchristopheranderson @wrappedbyredballoon
  • Loveit @redballoon and this is what we do for our day job!
  • This means I’m back in the office today 💙 but looking at the #barrierreef from the sky gives a different perspective. That’s what I plan to bring to The Big Red Group team this year! #BRG
  • Hard to believe 3 years has passed since I finished writing #livewhatyoulove ❤️ I’m still getting feedback 😇 that it’s perfect new year reading. Thank you 😌


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