I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Tim Pethick, founder for Nudie Juice,
speak this week. What a remarkable branding story. He shared some alarming
numbers about how numb we have become to marketing messages. We have been
yelled at by advertising for too long…we are over it.
The point is –
what are we as marketers doing about it? … Our role must change from being
those who create noise ? to those who listen and respond. Customers want a
dialogue not a monologue. Marketers must become quiet achievers.
Australian Study*

  • Australians are “increasingly unhappy with, and ignoring,
  • 81% say they are taking less notice of advertising
  • 66% said advertising was boring and repetitive
  • 75% say stereotypes proliferate
    * Eye on Australia 2003

Recent US Study*

  • 61% believe volume of messages is “out of control”
  • 65% say they are being bombarded with too much advertising
  • 60% think advertising is too negative
  • 45% said advertising “detracts from the experience of everyday life”
  • 33% would be willing to sacrifice standard of living for a world without
    * Yankelovich Partners for the American Association of

Is advertising as we know it dead when it comes to building powerful brands?
Thanks Tim for these figures and showing us what is possible by being
remarkable and having fun.

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