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I am often asked by business people “why do you tweet and blog – what business benefit does it deliver? Aren’t you putting yourself ‘out there’ a bit too much?”
There are many reasons why I do what I do. I blog because I am in the fortunate position of learning, reading or experiencing something new almost every day.
I collect information and I need to keep it somewhere. So I thought I may as well share what I have learned or what is on my mind
So I thought I may as well share what I have learned or what is on my mind on a blog.
Tweeting for me is different – it is about being a lone voice that combined with millions of others is a true voice of the people.
Example: the movie Bruno got great pre-launch press, people who saw the movie opening weekend tweeted their opinion – faster than any critic – and the voice of the people had cast its vote. The movie was not considered all it was cracked up to be.
Then, I use Facebook on a personal level.
RedBalloon also delves into social media with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Flickr. In today’s world, both big and small business social media presence is a must.
It might not be mainstream media, but it is authentic.
I have teenagers and I don’t want to get to a point where they consume information and connect in a way that I have no idea about. I’m not that past it!
Why’s it important? Because everyone is on a level playing field, meaning opinions matter. See, for example, this disengaged employee’s impact.
How are you using social media for your small business?

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