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Part of my purpose is to share my experience. My intention is to educate, inspire and empower others to try new things and live vividly.

I have produced a number of online courses to help others ‘experience’ commercial success.

I share my experience and what I have learned to help guide you through the process of Building Your Business Brand and Managing Your Business. I also recently filmed my two new courses ‘Selling Your Business’ and ‘Starting a Business Online’.

True leaders and entrepreneurs never stop learning; education is an investment in yourself.

Part of my purpose is to share my experience. My intention is to educate, inspire and empower others to try new things and live vividly

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Building Your Business Brand

Join me in this course and take your business to the next level.

I started RedBalloon on a shoestring budget in my front room with a small team, and now it is considered an iconic Australian brand which has an awareness level that’s equivalent to brands that spend millions of dollars on advertising. Learn the exact strategies that I used, and continue to use, to build the RedBalloon brand into a household name delivering more than 3.6 million customers to over 2000 businesses. For details, click here. For details, click here.

Selling Your Business

Learn how to make a business marketable, how to decide if you should involve a broker, how to find the right buyer, and more.

Learn how to sell your  business. In this course, leading small business consultant Naomi Simson takes you through the process. Explore the factors that are used to identify when it is a good time to sell. Find out how to make your business marketable, locate buyers, and select the correct buyer. Discover how to create a strategy and decide between selling your business yourself and working with a broker. Learn about the legal and tax implications of selling their business. Finally, hear a story from Naomi about how she sold one of her businesses, and the hard lessons she has learned through her work with hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Click here to join me in this course.

Start a Business Online

Got a business you want to get started online? You’ve come to the right place.

Do you have a great idea for an online business? In this course I teach the best practices that can help you make your business idea a reality. I explain how to navigate each step of the process—from developing your online business plan to increasing site traffic—and helps you avoid common pitfalls along the way. Discover how to adopt an agile mindset, outline your business plan, build trust for your brand, and iterate to start and grow your business here.

Managing Your Business

Explore strategies and techniques for running a small to medium business with confidence.

Getting a business off the ground is a feat in itself. But once you’ve made your business idea a reality, you’re faced with an array of new challenges which—if managed improperly—can dominate your time and prevent you from achieving greater success. In this course, you’ll learn strategies and techniques for running a small to medium business with confidence. Join me in this course as I share key lessons that can help you define your purpose and values, establish a framework for success, and promote your business in a smart, cost-effective manner. For details, click here.

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Australian entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, founder of RedBalloon and co-founder of  Big Red Group.

After launching the Australian online success story RedBalloon in 2001, Naomi went on to co-found Big Red Group (BRG) with partner David Anderson in 2017. In addition to RedBalloon Australia and New Zealand, the group includes Lime&Tonic, RedBalloon for Business and Adrenaline. BRG is at the forefront of digital disruption for experience marketing; delivering material value to business partners, marketplaces and stakeholders. As at March 2021 BRG is serving and experience every 42.95 seconds - which is 14,000 customer every week going to experience suppliers.

Australian entrepreneur, blogger, business investor, founder of RedBalloon and co-founder of the Big Red Group

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Passion and purpose are often confused but they are not the same thing. Purpose is your resolve and determination, your 'Why'.

Let's get ready to learn more about purpose...

Painted Picture

A Painted Picture document articulates the values and beliefs of your business.

Let's look at the Painted Picture...


A necessary but often neglected piece of the puzzle, I invite you to view planning as a constructive and enjoyable process.

Let's dive in to learn more about Planning...


Having the right people around you is necessary for success, but can often be the most challenging part of business.

Let's look at employees here...


Implementing initiatives to enhance your employee's wellbeing, and your own will have a material impact on your business.

Let's look at what tools and programs you use...


Focus is important and achieving success takes more than writing a to-do list...

Let's dive into your priorities...