I love a plan when it comes together. Especially when it is so generous and creative. Last night I attended the Signature of Sydney fundraising event. And if you have not heard about it

    • “SYDNEY IS … the ART and Signature of Sydney is the search to explore the question ‘What is Sydney?’ The aim is to create a new iconic landmark for Sydney, an artistic emblem that gives Sydney a contemporary image.

We are looking for an artist who can translate the essence and the vibe of Sydney on a two-dimensional artwork.
All of the proceeds were donated to The Make a Wish Foundation of Australia There are more details about the competition
There was a room full of many hundreds of people, the artwork of 21 artists beautifully displayed. Such a buzz in the room. However, art critic, MC, or politician alike could not engage the audience when they took to the podium? we were all too busy to really listen. But there was one pair who stole the show. You could have heard a pin drop. A wonderfully eloquent woman from The Make a Wish Foundation shared of the difference the organisation makes to young children. About the young girl born with a very rare disease not expected to live past toddlerhood, she is without hearing, sight or speech. Her only senses touch and taste, now at the age of nine her real delight is the spa delivered by the Foundation? she loves the feel of the bubbles, and her love of paint, she cannot see what she produces but she loves the textures of the paint on her fingers. The spa made possible by Make a Wish.
It was the beautiful twelve-year-old girl with cystic fibrosis who captured us all. She seems like any other 12 year old but living with the illness means more than 20 pills a day? hours and hours of physio a week. I had tears in my eyes as I delighted at her sheer joy at being granted her wish by the foundation.
I am so very privileged to have two healthy happy children. I was so pleased to be able to support such a wonderfully creative way to contribute to children. Oh and this is the new work of art at the RedBalloon Office ? from environmental artist John Dahlsen?he has spent 8 years collecting the thongs off the beach on the far north cost.
Love your work John and congratulations on your second prize. Lynda Howitt took away the $150k prize.
This is a great example of businesses brought together by talented people for the greater good of the community? the art world and the children in need via The Make a Wish Foundation.
Thank you for allowing RedBalloon to be a part of this momentous occasion

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