Phil and Nik fellow entrepreneurs and I were sharing a ride home from an event recently, when one said to the other, ‘Thanks for lending me The Magicians Way. (A story about what it really takes to find your treasure. William Whitecloud.) It must be the best book I’ve read this year’ he said. Then he turned to me and said ‘I’ve finished with it Naomi you should read it, you’d love it’
I love to read, but more’s the point when somebody you know recommends a book as a good read you’re likely to read it sooner rather than later. Once I got into it I couldn’t put it down. The key insights of the book were blended inside a story of one man’s discovery of what could be possible if he allowed himself to give up his fears. Taken out of the story the seven secrets stand alone powerfully. But within the context of a story, they are far more vivid.

  • 1 Your thoughts and feelings aren’t real
    Your thoughts and feelings are an expression of your underlying assumptions in any moment, not a reflection of actual reality or what is truly possible.
  • 2. Your focus creates your reality
    Your experience in life is determined by what you put your attention on. If you focus on end results you inevitably attract what you want. If you focus too much on what you have to do to get what you want you to end up attracting your doubts, fears and beliefs.
  • 3. Everyone has a heart
    Having a heart means that you do have dreams, that there are things you love, things that are deeply important to you. An inherent part of the human journey is that at some point you end up putting more energy into protecting you hear than going for it.
  • 4. There is never anything to do, but always action to take
    ‘Action’ is about taking direct steps, based on the obvious, towards creating what you want. ‘Doing’ is about fulfilling certain conditions you believe are necessary before you can get what you want.
  • 5. Structure has integrity
    Something’s structure dictates its behaviour, and its behaviour dictates its experience. In creative terms, what your attention is focussed on forms the underlying structure in your consciousness. The motivations behind what you do in life reveal your true focus.
  • 6. You get your energy from a higher source
    As a human being, you have the tendency to develop fixed concepts about what is in your highest good and where it is supposed to come from. The key to magic is developing the ability to let go of your fixed concepts and open up to the true source of your energy.
  • 7. It takes will
    Ultimately, your highest source of energy is your own heart. Yet, the paradox is that you are conditioned to protect your heart, a behaviour motivated by fear. Your feats are communicated to your by thoughts and feelings. There can be no sustainable change in your experience of life unless you have the will to choose to go for your heart over resolving your thoughts and feelings.

Thanks, guys  – I really got a lot out of the book…especially about staying focused on the end game and coming from the heart.

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