There is a very real reason why I call myself the chief experience officer (CEO). It is not because RedBalloon sells experiences. I call myself that because it from my belief that how people experience an organisation is an opportunity to either make or break a brand promise. We have always liked to stand out at RedBalloon – which is why we have had so many versions of the website and also why we have chosen our workplace so carefully. I recently received this overview from one of our visitors to RedBalloon House…. People arrive right into our organisation and they know – ‘that we are up to something.’

    • “I was pretty impressed. I walked into this converted church on Harris St with a red door and a red carpet and the first thing that I noticed was the open plan office and the group of people – no walls hiding people – IT here, help desk there – CEO sitting amongst it all. We walked up the stair to the second floor – similar layout. I was struck by this element of vibrancy and youth…… We sat down in the kitchen – not a meeting room and I was told about the business; started by a woman six years ago now with 40 staff and a turnover of $20m now – that’s pretty impressive – and the dog running around – I thought that was pretty cool. It was a totally different model to where I used to work – and I like that.”

Roland Persson.
I visit many clients, in many locations with varying office styles. The point is those who really allow you into their world are the ones that you warm to the most because quite simply you get to know them. After all, people love to see how other people ‘live’ or work. Allowing people to experience your organisation can really help build amazing customer relationships. (And thanks to Roland for letting us know what he thought).

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