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This morning I did a Mysore yoga session – these are not classes as such – more a collection of people who all follow the same yoga sequences. As I look around the room I know that I am not very flexible and I admire the shear ability of many of the other participants. Rather than be deterred, or feel like a failure I simply determine – I must come more, I love it, and one day I will be able to do more of the sequence.
It is the same in business, whether we are a team member, or leader…. We need to be able to see what is possible – to learn from others and be inspired by what others have learned and achieved.
If these yoga practitioners’ dismissed me, or looked at me condescendingly (if I was not accepted and included for who I am) then by nature I would not want to participate – and I would either go elsewhere or give up.
Leaders have a responsibility to bring people with them on their journey – to share their ability and their insights – to encourage those setting out in the early stages of their career – or people wanting to grow and develop – no matter their age.
More than anything we need role models in our lives… and no matter what our chosen field is – there is always someone we can give a helping hand to – and others that we can learn from.

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