Freshwater Beach – 940 x 940mm

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Sydney Harbour NSW Australia


Painted in Sydney NSW during the ‘stay at home’ period of early 2020. Sydney Harbour has many beaches each different. The light falling differently throughout the day. The sand, water and light creating colours that change.  Every beach in Australia is different, and any beach can change dramatically depending on the elements – especially the wind and the light. I’m fascinated by the moment that the water meets the land. The spray, the colours how it constantly moves. This is really quite a bright painting – but there are subtle variations in colours.

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Painting Details

  • Canvas: 920x920x40mm
  • Framed – 940x040x50mm
  • Medium
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Oil Pastel
    • Stretched Canvas
  • Ships from Sydney

Additional information

Weight 4800 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 1000 × 10 cm