Pitching is story telling with numbers… it is an essential ingredient to any career success – it is not limited to the world of entrepreneurs raising capital. In fact the ability to pitch ideas is what creates business success… as I stated in Ready To Soar.

Most people are not born storytellers it is a learned art. And there are plenty of online courses to help you discover your story telling voice. There are a few essential elements to a good story: Make a grabbing statement that catches their attention (I tend to put people in the circumstance – eg I found myself standing alone in a place I did not know). This brings people into the story and makes them want to hear more.  Throughout I create an ‘immersive experience’. so that they feel like they’re there. Building tension or give small hints to add to the suspense along the way, the best stories are not obvious where they are going, they keep people interested. Focus on what’s important, be visual or emotional rather than detail after detail – there is nothing worse than a story that is linear and is bridged with words such as ‘and then we, and then they etc. It is about the important elements of the feelings in the story – often less detail, or implied detail is far more engaging. The telling of the story itself can build engagement, using pauses, silences, quick speech… Practice, memorize and be authentic.

This section is full of great lessons.

Grow & Scale Your Business by Naomi Simson

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Answering your #1 Biggest Business Challenge question tip: 

Go beyond just saying "Poor Cashflow" or "Unreliable Team". 

Instead, give Naomi details & specifics on how this is currently your #1 Biggest Business Challenge. 

I.e. "Every month I'm struggling to pay my bills on time because there just isn't consistent cash flow coming into the business. I've tried sticking to budgets in the past & pay myself less to keep some extra funds aside for emergencies, but still every month there seems to be another financial fire to be put out. I don't know what to do about it, so I'm just grinding it out."


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