Australian Bush Inspired

The colour of the mountains, hills and valleys of the bush

Here is a selection of my paintings inspired by endless trips to the mountains The fresh air and vivid richness of the blue grey eucalyptus trees.

When travelling to the bush I try to hold on to the smells and sounds of the bush. I seek out trails to walk that will take me well a way from other people

Some of my most peaceful days have been sitting by a creek or stream in the Snowy Mountains with a sketch pad.

I want to bring that peace and tranquility to my paintings and give the viewer a taste of the wilderness.


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Inspiration for my paintings

They all have a story – I see something and reimagine it in paint.


The colours are subtle and have tonal variation – there are thousands of tiny and minute colour variations in the Australian bush. Grey has new meaning when it comes to the Australian bush. It is exciting and challenging to bring the bush to life in paints. I have always looked for the boulders, the horizontal and vertical aspects of the horizon versus the trees.

The wind, rain and clouds play a big role in how I experience the Australian Bush in my paintings

  • Dusk Australia – 1030x1030mm

    $6,680.00 GST
  • Rainforest Canopy – 210 x 210mm

    $295.00 GST
  • Daintree Rainforest Pair – 1020x1020mm

  • Elim Beach Coloured Sands – 200 x 300mm

  • Rainforest canopy – 300x 900mm

  • Mountain Top 1200 x 1200mm

  • Spring Wattle – 580 x 580mm

  • After the rain – 540 x 540mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Australian Rainforest from Above – 610 x 610mm

  • Night Field of Fire – 320 x 450mm

  • Bushwalk – 480 x 480mm

  • Snowy Mountains Pair- 1200 x 1530mm

  • Vastness 1240 x 1540mm

  • Winter Highlands – 1400 x 2100mm

  • High Country NSW – 900x600x20mm

  • The beginning – 1980