I don’t often comment on my out of hours activities but attending the largest ball ever held in Australia was definately an experience. 3000 for a sit down dinner in the new Virgin Blue hangar at Brisbane Airport. Kirsten, Renee and I were ready to party last night.
The shear scale has to be commented on. How many semi trailer loads of china does it take to serve 3000? How much alcohol was consumed? I’d love to see the statistics. It is the first time I’ve experienced what that number of people looks like.
Everyone was in the mood to create the greatest party in the country. Dressed in ball gowns and stilettos – we were assembled to raise money for the Virgin foundation, known as the RedJet Foundation. The auction was not for the faint hearted..naming rights to one of the Virgin Blue planes was sold for more than $100k (we did not hear the name of the new plane).
The wait staff were unbelievably attentive, and it really appeared that no expense had been spared.
I want to meet the head chef, the meals were superb. One never really expects much in terms of quality of meal at a large event – let alone being in a hangar – no commercial kitchen in site. What was delivered was delicious, hot and ‘melt in your mouth’ tender lamb. The marinated strawberries with lemon zest cream, light fresh and decadent.
The entertainment did a superlative job. And Human Nature, the band have got so much better with age.
Even though we had been warned on the invitation to rug up. Few did, and the few gas heaters just had no effect. Being cold does bring people together (literally).
The piece missing in crowd management was the lack of toilets – (standing in a freezing queue for 45 minutes sort of dampens one’s party spirit). The other missing – was how to get home. Waiting for a taxi for hours, then giving up and jumping on a bus (any bus) which ended up near the city where we then walked in our high heels and ball gowns across the Storey Bridge. That is all part of the experience and experience does not always equal fun.
I have to say apart from these two areas of logistic management the party exceeded all my expectations. Well done to the team that took up this crazy scheme. This is an example that anything is possible if you dare to dream it.

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