I subscribe to many and various online newsletters. This week they have had very similar stories, you can almost group them into subheadings:

Unlike any other time in history though we have more information at our fingertips than we have ever had before. We are all ‘publishers’ with our blogs, twitter or facebook. We have an opinion and now we can communicate it, to the world instantly.
This instant information also creates a more immediate – and often dramatic response. I was on holidays on a tropical island last week – it took some hours for me to get the news on financial markets. Yet life went on people were totally unaware. Contrast this to when I travelled the US earlier in the year – I simply could not avoid being ‘attacked’ by the media – even in the elevators, CNN was blaring at me.
I suppose this is where the saying ‘Ignorance is bliss’ comes from. The reality is no one knows what is really going to happen. Having spoken to a friend of mine in the financial area this morning – everyone is playing a wait and see the game.
So we intend to keep doing what we do best…. giving people a good time.

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