I have loved supporting Business Chicks. (run by my friend Emma Brown) over several years, but every time I have done a speaking engagement for them I end up with a tear in my eye.
Today was the second ever Business Chicks breakfast in Adelaide (I had expected 60 people or so) there were 200 people at the Hyatt at 7.00am ready to raise money for the Kids Helpline.
As a reminder why we were there, Wendy the GM of Kids Helpline shared with us vivid stories about the lives of the children who call the service. (Such as the child of five who wonders why her mother locks her in a cupboard). Any child in Australia can call and be heard… the challenge, of course, is to make sure that there are enough people on the phones to be there for the children.
It makes me think how lucky I am with my children, but also comforts me to realise that should my children ever need such a service, that there will be someone there to answer the phone and listen.
I was blown away by the reception that I received and absolutely touched by the generosity of the women of Adelaide. Thank you.

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