I was recently asked two great questions
What is your greatest strength as a leader?
First and foremost I am always myself. I am the same with one person as I am with any other. I am straight with people, authentic and I do what I say I’m going to do.
Who I am every day is, coach, visionary, strategist, front man – all of these things are elements of leadership.
A key element to leadership is knowing your purpose. Being truly passionate about the difference being made and taking a stand for what you believe in.
Leadership is also about communicating. We have every sort of communication – we use blog, wiki, podcasts and survey tools. The team know where an how to get formal information as well as their daily team huddles.
What is your greatest weakness as a leader?
Every idea is a great idea, and I never stop learning. I must be a right royal pain to work with. My team is fantastic – they know if I have read a new book, or been to an educational event I will be full of new things to do, new strategies, new actions. For the team this can be really frustrating we just started doing this project should we forget that and start this new idea?
Oh they are so patient with me…

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Answering your #1 Biggest Business Challenge question tip: 

Go beyond just saying "Poor Cashflow" or "Unreliable Team". 

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I.e. "Every month I'm struggling to pay my bills on time because there just isn't consistent cash flow coming into the business. I've tried sticking to budgets in the past & pay myself less to keep some extra funds aside for emergencies, but still every month there seems to be another financial fire to be put out. I don't know what to do about it, so I'm just grinding it out."


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