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iStrategy is all about getting marketing ideas into a melting pot and learning from others.
Here’s some food for thought based on this slide from Cliff Rosenberg at Linkedin:
‘Even if you don’t understand the concept of social media, you need to fully understand that you, as a company are no longer in control of what’s being said about you.’
(In fact, you never were in control– it’s just that these conversations about your brand used to happen late at night in small groups with people drinking red wine – now people can publish anything anytime – and do.)
‘You need to understand that your public relations team can no longer control (or influence) what people say about you in the press’. (I’m not sure if they ever have been able to control what the media says – however, there are now far more sources of information about organisations… there is no ‘company’ line anymore.)
We must give up the notion of controlling the message – to embracing the idea of authenticity and transparency. We can only influence the product experience, make sure we understand the customer experience and know what we stand for. Operate consistently based on values – and deliver on the vision. If people believe in what we are doing – they  and others will want to be a part of it – and the story may travel.

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