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I actually like being the age I am… You just know so much more than you once did. I know my teenagers look at me and think ‘she’s so old’ but I wouldn’t be a teenager again for quids. I have looked at photographs of my ancestors and wondered if they would think the same thing. What would they make of all this internet and smartphones – The only thing we have left of them is a single photograph.
I’m often asked ‘what is my favorite experience?’ And I retort ‘how could a mother have a favorite child?’ Each RedBalloon experience is too different to have a special one – how can you compare the fun of a cooking class to the thrill of skydiving. Both of course give you plenty of stories to tell. A professional portrait photograph also tells a story.
I thought it a good idea to experience another completely different type of experience. Recently I did the ‘Portrait and Digital Art Photography Session’ I gathered together three different outfits and went to have a ‘not so corporate’ photo shoot done. It was a really fun experience, and this memory may well last beyond my years.
I did my best to relax. I thought of all my ancestors who with just one photo left of them and I wondered if there was just one photo to hand on to the next generation, which look would l choose?

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