There is an Australian attitude of  ‘she’ll be right mate’ – or  ‘if it ain’t broken don’t fix it’. Actually, I think this is the way the organisations stagnate and lose their competitive advantage.
I recently presented at an innovation conference. And I have to say that I believe the source of great innovation is looking not just at what is not working, but also what is working. To continually ask the question how do you take something from good to great without judgement is a notion that organisations often struggle with.
I understand that the Japanese have a philosophy of good – better, rather than right – wrong.
To continually review is a healthy process. New people joining an organisation coming in with fresh eyes often ask the question “why do we do it that way” if the answer is “because we always have” – then there may well be an opportunity for innovation.
The process of continual review can sometimes seem a waste. But with a finite number of people available for new roles then the ability to eliminate repetitive tasks through technology or process innovations becomes increasingly valid.
The challenge sometimes in a fast growing business is to remember to acknowledge the amazing things we do have whilst still keeping an eye on all the things we are yet to do.
Sometimes it might take writing a ‘Not to Do List’

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