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Having arrived from an overnight plane from Beijing. I was a little worse for wear on Saturday morning. I was concerned that I would not keep up with the day. How wrong I was. The TedX Sydney event was first class – true to the vision of Ted and a mix of local and international ideas.

There was a strong music theme to the day. Four Play String Quartet were mesmerizing as they electrified the sounds from their stringed instruments.. I was lost in the environment they created. The event was really well produced – with ideas coming thick and fast from the stage:

  • An inventor who challenged his own carbon footprint and determined in western society it is almost impossible to get to 2000kw per day (as is the average in China)
  • A music teacher who urged us to nurture creativity in the young imploring us that that is what it is to be human
  • An historian who shared the voice of the early colony of Sydney – a woman’s perspective
  • A puppeteer who uses his hand via his iPad as his doll
  • A doctor who urged us that the greatest threat to our most precious resource is obesity
  • A scientist who models DNA so we can see how it reproduces and works
  • A creative team sharing how they collaborate to produce movies

And many other great ideas

The day was a festival of ideas, colour, art and music. It was very well produced and sprinkled with a few Ted videos from other events. The two speakers from the audience who had 3 minutes to share an idea were passionate, articulate and inspired. One spoke of injustice the other on honoring death as a beautiful thing. She said ‘the last thing we will do in life is die – best make it a good experience’

Below are some of my tweets from the event.  I enjoyed it, was inspired and so pleased I made the effort to drag my bag of bones there. Well done PwC for being a sponsor…’What would you like to Grow’…

I sat next to Carden Calder for much of the day – here is a link to her blog which is insightful on which ideas are more likely to spread and why.

Tweets from @Naomi Simson

  • If you do what you always did you will get what you’ve already got
  • The world is a diverse place but there are some elements that connect us
  • Narrative is melody and melody is story telling
  • The closest collaborations often occur when the collaborators have skills that are diametrically opposed…
  • Whatever works works… Be with it
  • The story tellers job is to question. We need more questioning
  • @carden roller coasters and zip lines the MOST Fuel efficient transport. Cool.
  • Death has a bad wrap. It’s represented as violent dark and evil. Yet the last thing we will do in life is die… That is a given.
  • @carden Loving Kerrie Noonan’s perspective on dying – that we r out of touch w the everyday business of dying
  • @ carden most of us will not be surprised by death. Talk to your family about what you want. Talk about it. It won’t kill you!
  • Think of waste as a resource… Looking at a pic of a mountain of rubber tyres from Veena Sahajwalla
  • You can’t have a great colony without women. You can’t grow a great nation without women from historian Grace Karskens
  • Health is our most precious public resource. Katharine Samaras
  • Children need to make their own music

Thanks organizers and PwC for including me…


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  1. I am looking forward to the videos on tedx site – I love listening to the archives on the main website. I wish Tedx sydney also uploads the entire presentations…

    Love the first tweet – ‘If you do what you always did you will get what you’ve already got”

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  • Reflecting on this weeks planning session... people of different backgrounds, different ages, nationalities all united by a shared senses of #purpose to do something meaningful and valuable for others. #leadership #quote
  • Each year I look at what it is I want to achieve. And how I want to contribute. I also build new messages and insights for my keynotes. One topic I’m considering is Influence... how to impact others. This will incorporate personal leadership, but it is far more shifting viewpoints and aligning people.  This is what I’m working on at the moment.  What are you planning for 2018?
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