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Not long to go now until the state finalists of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards attend the National judging and finals in Melbourne. The 9th of December is fast approaching – I have my fingers and toes crossed which will be very uncomfortable by next Tuesday.

You know I really love experiencing great marketing, and when I see it I’ve got to share. What can we learn from it? What could I do in my business that I don’t already do? I have never experienced such a complete and total experiential communication implementation. Being a part of it is exciting. The people who organise the Telstra Business Women’s Awards on behalf of all the sponsors have thought of every single customer touch point. And branded it. At the state finals event – not just did we have show bags to take away promotional materials but the place mats on the table – suitably branded ‘Behind every great woman is another one’ – are actually mouse mats that could be taken away. There were photographers on site who instantly sent by MMS the photo’s they took to your mobile phone.

The website, email communication, tickets and envelopes, posters, menus and the people who contact us to keep us informed of travel plans and events are all consistently branded.

The logo’s for each category are sent out immediately so that we can use them in our own promotional material. Official print quality photographs of the event arrived before we got back to the office by email. A link to download video footage sent to help us remember and share the experience with others (below for your reference – what I actually said at the awards).

But there is more – here is a really great one – that you might like to participate in too… they have set up a special number so friends, colleagues, suppliers can SMS you a message prior to the event and the message will appear on the screen at the event… a bit like the old telegrams that used to be read at weddings – or the hero messages sent to the Olympians.

If you would like to send me a message to appear on the night it is really easy:

Simply write in the text

  • Naomi  Simson
  • Write your message (up to 160  characters)
  • Add your name and company
  • Send it to 0447 877  678

Here are both my acceptance speeches.


I look forward to the continuation of this journey.

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  1. Sounds like a great event, Naomi. I’m impressed that they make it easy for you to incorporate their logo into your comms material. I was a finalist at a NSW event recently and I had to ask for a copy of the logo, and which point they emailed me a low-res and told me no high-res was available. A lost opportunity.

    The idea of sending the photos to your phone via MMS on the night sounds fun, too.

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  • Friday drinks must be here soon surely ... or I'm out! #friyay
  • In the 90s I left my cushy job at Apple.

I’d be a squillionaire if I still had my stock options.

I don’t regret it. Here's why:

After 10 years of corporate, I wanted to ‘do my own thing’. I started with freelance marketing.

My strategy? Hard work and build strong brands.

It seemed to work - new clients came from referrals.

But after 18 months, I came to a realisation:

All my clients wanted was “more customers”, not complex branding plans.

SO I thought I’d build a brand of my own. Something to get them “more customers”. RedBalloon was born. The purpose? Give people amazing experiences.

16 years on, RB has delivered 3.8 million customers to 2000 small businesses.

Now, when I give talks, I always get the same question: “How did you build such a strong brand?” Funny how it comes full circle.

I can’t answer that with a time limit.

Though I think I found a way - an online course. “How to Build your Business Brand” - years of experience in one place (link in bio if interested). But, that’s not the point of this post.

If I stayed with Apple I’d be unbelievably wealthy.

Quitting was still the best thing I’ve ever done.

So if you want to take a leap of faith, do it.

All I ask you is this:

Trust yourself and never underestimate the power of brand.
  • #tbt the originals circa 2004 🎈 it reminds that an entrepreneurs journey is long and full of twists and turns. What a ride! @redballoonexperiences
  • I have always been rushing! I need to remind myself of this one regularity. I'm intentional, not frenetic. Choose the one thing that needs to get done to make everything easier! #inspiration
  • If you caught @sharktankau tonight I might have mentioned #gettinglucky @luckybuddhabeer 😂 🍺 @ten_insider @beer.pal


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